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Throughout human history there has been rivalry for possessions and power. Siblings have killed siblings; families have killed families; tribes have slaughtered tribes; religious leaders have incarcerated, tortured and killed opponents; political leaders have killed their own citizens and invaded and massacred the inhabitants of other countries. Destitute people are allowed to suffer, starve and die while obscenely wealthy people fly into dark, silent space. So, while I am thankful I live in a place that has not been a world or civil war-zone; for the privileges I have always enjoyed because I live here and am Caucasian; for the physical beauty I see and experience every day; for the family and friends who have shared love, warmth, and laughter along with some tears with me; for the feats of heroism where people of all races and from all walks of life have fought for and continue to fight in a myriad of different ways for the right of other people to live in peace, equality and just societies, I will continue to pray for a time when humankind becomes a species that is truly kind to every living thing. Then the war will be over.

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