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The Unpublished Memoir:
I Hope You Know You're Fodder For A Book Someday

This manuscript is posted in its entirety. Sept. 12, at the bottom right, is the beginning. It's the story of my husband's and my 15-yr-journey with Alzheimer's Disease. Through 14 years we had various supports and did all right. But in year 15, disaster struck. This book focuses heavily on that final  year. It isn't a fun read. That said, it's a story that is still happening and needs to be told. My hope in posting it is to help create positive change in many areas concerned with dementia patients' and their families' journeys. Here's one beta reader's feedback.

"Well, it's not easy reading but the writing is so engaging and the pacing is such that I read it compulsively. ...What can I say? It's overwhelming."

--Caroline Woodward, author Singing Away The Dark

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