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Good books open doors in readers’ minds to imagination, knowledge and understanding of the wider world

We don't publish unsolicited manuscripts.

We do provide editing services. All of our editors are published authors with both traditionally published and self-published books.

Our books are owned solely by the authors.









"...writing is endlessly interesting and challenging, endlessly invigorating. Another plus is that it also feels like it’s completely within our own control; achievement is in our hands and no one else’s."

-Rhea Tregebov, TWUC


"The older I get, the more clearly I remember things that never happened. - Mark Twain
















Fall is here and 23 courses are set to go for ElderCollege in Campbell River. Many are new and the variety is exciting. There are offerings in: arts & crafts, exploring genealogy research and DNA results, experiences flying seaplanes, travelogues, life aboard submarines, using various technology, having fun with online trading, Ride Right: Safe Cycling--a 'how to' course led by an experienced cyclist, Veterans' Corner--a 4-session discussion for veterans and anyone interested in Canadian military subjects led by two ex-military people, and more.  Registration began at 9:00 am Friday, Sept. 22 and some courses are full. Second sessions before Christmas have been scheduled for Genealogy Basics and Research Tips and Bird Brains, Smarter Than You Think. Others are filling fast. Don't miss out. You can register in person or by phone at 250-923-9700. Check us out at We hope to see you at ElderCollege this fall!


If you live in Campbell River or close by and have a skill, passion, experience you'd like to pass on to enthusiastic listeners/learners, use the contact button to let me know and I will contact you. We welcome all suggestions for new courses. All CREC personnel are volunteers, including Course Leaders. The rewards of volunteering are many, including sharing what you know, meeting new and like-minded people, and just having fun. No exams and no pressure.










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