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Good books open doors in readers’ minds to imagination, knowledge and understanding of the wider world

We cannot accept unsolicited manuscripts at this time.

We do welcome inquiries about our editing and book design services.









I am halfway through the course I am leading on Living With Dementia. It will wrap up at the end of May. The focus for the course is exploring positive strategies for patients and caregivers to cope with the various stages of a terminal disease, and with the grief that accompanies it.


As Curriculum Chair for CREC, I'm now in the process of gathering courses for our fall 2023 session. Classes will be run in October, November and early December. If you live in Campbell River or close by and have a skill, passion, experience you'd like to pass on to enthusiastic listeners/learners, use the contact button to let me know and I will contact you. We welcome a wide range of subjects including: using technology, writing craft, arts/crafts, photography, financial matters, health matters, travelogues, submarines and seaplanes...anything course leaders want to share. All CREC personnel are volunteers, including Course Leaders. The rewards of volunteering are many, including sharing what you know, meeting new and like-minded people, and just having fun. No exams and no pressure.



For the answer to the riddle below, go to blog.








"Do what you love drives most of us because writing is endlessly interesting and challenging, endlessly invigorating. Another plus is that it also feels like it’s completely within our own control; achievement is in our hands and no one else’s."

-Rhea Tregebov, Chair,

The Writers' Union of Canada











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